It was a few years back when my baby boy was born. A true busy mom, juggling my businesses, community service and family. It was then that Shadrach’s Collection started. I needed a way to keep moving while still ensuring that I have time to spend with my newborn.

After some research, our ancestors have been baby wearing long before. Natives made hand woven wraps and ring slings to make natural and breathable baby carriers.

There are many benefits of carrying your baby, the connection with the parent and child, the closeness that’s developed, freedom of hands for doing work, even fathers can experience the joy of carrying their baby as part of their being.

We hope you enjoy your experience with Shadrach’s Collection. – Mommy Jen



To educate parents of newborn children the value of baby wearing. Live life to the fullest while keeping the closeness and connection to your baby. To enable moms the freedom of movement, the flexibility of style and comfort, while strengthening the bond of the mother and child.


Every baby carried with love, safety and care, every mom empowered, graceful and free.