Inner diameter: 3″ Outer diameter: 3.5″ If you are using a heavy weight (winter weight) or heavy nap fabric, a very wide fabric (34″-45″), or have just had difficulty adjusting your sling in the past, you may want our large size rings. The large rings have successfully been used with a gathered shoulder, and are preferred for double-layered slings of nearly any material, as well as thicker wraps that are turned into slings.

Information about SlingRings’ rings

Each and every ring that leaves our facility is strength tested on specially designed equipment.

SlingRings are made from aluminum 6061 and are lead free. They a

Ring colors: We offer a wide range of colors in anodized aluminum and phthalates-free nylon.

Ring sizes: Our rings come in three sizes in both aluminum and nylon rings, insuring that you always have the perfect slip-free size for your carrier.

Ring testing: Our rings are individually safety-tested, and are tested to conform to the CPSIA as well.

Made in the USA

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