Babywearing Daddies Video Contest

Because it’s Father’s month, let’s watch our macho daddies shine while babywearing.


  1.  Like Shadrach’s Collection page.
  2. Join Shadrach Cares group.
  3. Submit your video adhering with the guidelines on or before June 20. Submit to this form:
  4. Deadline for official entries is on June 20.
  5. Have your friends like Shadrach Page and like your video uploaded in the page.
  6. For Extra points, invite them to join Shadrach Cares and like your video entry there.

Criteria for judging

25% – Creativity

25% – Accuracy

50% – Like and Shares

Video entry should

  1. Following T.I.C.K.S.
    ✔ Tight
    ✔ In View at all times
    ✔ Close enough to kiss
    ✔ Keep the Chin off the chest
    ✔ Supported back
  2. Optimal positioning/M Position
  3. Introduce your self and your baby.
  4. Tell us the carry you would do and why you choose that.
  5. Why do you love babywearing and how it helps you.
  6. Tips you could give to those interested in babywearing and those parents who are just starting to babywear.
  7. In any format you want, creative, dramatic, comedic, just ensure you enjoy making your entry.

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