How to Babywrap with Size 3 for the Curvaceous and Petite

What can you do with a size 3?

Here in this video is petite Mommy Racel and curvaceous Mommy Gladys! They both use size 3 in doing a front wrap cross carry tied under bum (FWCC TUB). Ideally, for plus size mom like mommy Gladys, she needs a size 6-7 wraps.. But here is the good news, once you get the hang of wrapping, you’ll surely can manage shorty wraps. This also applies to the beginners. We know that there are days when long wraps just won’t work, because it’s raining or maybe because baby is cranky and just needs a fast up or it’s too hot for layers, then, shorty is the answer! Don’t be afraid to explore because a versatile wrap can go a long way as long as you know how to manage it!

Size 3: For the Curvaceous and Petite


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