New Line: Woven Ringsling for Newborn

“What’s best for my newborn?”, is one of the common question we receive from inquiring parents. Here in Shadrach Co, all our carriers are specifically made for newborn. They are great up until toddler too! We started with handwoven products to support weaving community. Handcrafts are undeniably precious. It is because of the time and passion artisans dedicated to each piece. Question about more economical carriers then arise. So we came to study, test and innovate to cater most of the caregivers who wants to start baby wearing. We found a material that is soft and strong. It passed the Shadrach standard. Our machine woven line is suitable from newborn. Including preemies who needs skin-to-skin contact. It is also grippy and easy to manipulate.

Did you know that you can repurpose a ringsling? You can breastfeed while babywearing using the ringsling. You can use it as a nursing cover too! Some replace their swaddles with this too. Because it is easy to keep and bring. You can bring it anywhere!

Convenient. Simple. Minimalist. That is how we’ll describe our new line of ringsling.

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