Shadrach’s Collection Supports Philippine Representatives For 5th IMASIVO

A Dream Come True.

Our heart is still speechless as we saw the progress of this project. The first time we heard about this from Iris De Sagun, we can’t contain our excitement! Moreover when we met Tininiska Schliz who shared about IMASIVO with all enthusiasm and her passion is so uplifting, we said yes right away and that’s the beginning of making our dreams come true!

IMASIVO is an international  dance babywearing contest based in Mexico. It started with yearly Mother’s day celebration, now on it’s 5th year, we are participating and claim their aim for moms working together as a tribe, showing everyone the benefits of babywearing.

Our tribe is composed of 24 mom and baby pairs, coming from north to south Metro Manila. We named our Tribe: Gandang Filipina Babywearers for we believe we have to showcase Filipina beauty inside and out.

Congratulations to all moms who danced with us! Thank you for your sacrifices and making time, travel to practice and prepare your costumes, and so much more. Thank you girls for proudly wearing our Filipino made handwoven baby carriers for this dance.

During our rehearsals, we appreciate the camaraderie and the sisterhood that we created. It’s how we see our future, a community of babywearing moms helping each other to grow.

May every mom be proud of this entry as we are declaring our country to be one of the babywearing nation. With babywearing, we are able to dance, and more so, babywearing has a lot of benefits; being hands free, saves your sanity, let’s you bloom and so much more.

Thank you everyone for your support and participation. Thank you as well for giving us something to munch Pik-a-Pikel and Mom’s Confection by SAC. We really appreciate it!

Thank you Klick – tac – toe Studio team for capturing our happiness while dancing. You made this memory more vivid.

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