Shadrach Academy

It was a blast!! Thanks to all who attended Shadrach Academy Grand Opening! And to those who are not able, don’t worry, you can now register for March babywearing workshop! ❤

Our class is family oriented, most specially kid friendly. We have pantry, play, nappy and sleep areas for the kids while moms and dads are learning to babywear. Yep definitely a home like venue, for a superhero to be.

We’re just amazed how most of the parents attended the class alone. Managed to commute alone with their child.. and how babywearing moms teach/assist while babywearing and how everyone does their thing while babywearing.

Discover what Shadrach Babywearing Class can offer.

At Shadrach Academy, we believe that confidence and connection matters.

We love to help and educate parents about proper babywearing and show you how empowering it can be to wear your baby. We will train you in all aspects of babywearing, so that you have all the knowledge and experience you need as parents.

Understand how slings should be worn safely and how the incorrect use of slings can affect the health and well being of parent and baby or child.


  • Science of babywearing
  • Benefits of babywearing
  • What is Hip Dysplasia?
  • Master the ringsling and the front carries
  • Woven wrap sizing guide
  • Demos

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