Wrap Your Baby In Love With Shadrach’s Collection

Last Tuesday, Hedwych Veeman, also known as Wrap You in Love, released a Ringsling tutorial using Shadrach’s Collection’s Ji-hann. With about 1.1k views overnight on YouTube, your local babywearing brand says hello to international market.

This is an important and big milestone for Shadrach’s Collection. It has been 4 years since we started with one weaving community, who, believing that the market for handwoven products was already dying, were on the verge of stopping production. Shadrach’s Collection gave them hope, and babywearers gave them the much-needed demand to weave and continue this cultural heritage. Our weavers are now old but they take pride as their crafts are specifically used to nurture babies. From these humble beginnings, Shadrach’s Collection is continuously growing, and we are now helping three weaving communities.

Since Shadrach’s Collection is formally making its way to the international market, it also means sustaining support to help grow and preserve the Philippines’ weaving culture. We are hoping to generate more new weavers who will continue this unique legacy in our country.

We are very much excited for this collaboration, as Wrap You in Love has influenced a lot of moms not only in our country but the international babywearing community. Filipino parents look up to her as she inspires everyone in their babywearing journey, and one of her many admirers is the owner of Shadrach’s Collection, Ms. Jennelyn Alegarbez. Unknowingly, Ms. Hedwych was instrumental in planting the love for babywearing in Ms. Jen, and she was an inspiration in Jen’s view that babywearing is not only a parenting tool, but a love that she must share. This became a passion, and has now bloomed into a babywearing business with a heart.

Wrap You in Love is one of the babywearing rockstars of our generation, followed for her great tutorials that babywearing enthusiasts can watch even in the middle of the night while putting their babies to sleep. Her video tutorials are mostly instrumental, but you can easily follow through the English subtitles while listening to the positive and calming background music. While watching her tutorials, you will be challenged to try and wear your baby with love.

Wraps are known as a versatile carrier, and wrappers love it as they can do many finishes with it, but with creativity, ringslings can be as versatile. Watch this video as Wrap You in Love shares how to use a ringsling with sling rings at the back.

What can you benefit from this carry?

  • it lets you breastfeed easier
  • if you’re not comfortable with your baby being too close or being in contact with the sling ring, this is a great carry for you.
  • you can put your baby in and out easily, since ringslings are known as on-the-go carriers.

With much love and passion, Shadrach’s Collection is continuously innovating to provide quality carriers that are affordable and safe while making sure you’ll enjoy and cherish every bit of your babywearing moment.  Because our carriers are not only meant to carry your baby, but to help you carry and secure your baby with love.

Shadrach’s Collection aims to provide not only carriers but also babywearing love. We want to help babywearing enthusiasts enjoy their purchase and assist struggling customers while providing a supportive community through our Facebook Group, Shadrach Cares. We invest on making tutorials, shareable babywearing images and quotes to spread babywearing awareness. So help us share the babywearing love! If you feel proud for us or if you’re a Shadrach mom, take pride and share our materials. Maybe someone who’s about to give up or already feeling frustrated would have a change of heart after bumping into your babywearing post.

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