International Babywearing Week Celebration 2018

Babywearing has UNITED US ALL.

Last October 7, 2018, International Babywearing Week Celebration was held in SM Light Mall. Spearheaded by Modern Mommas PH and Shadrach Cares, this is the first major event organized by the admins of both group. No professional event planner, just passion in pursuing this event to bring back the fire on babywearing moms in the Philippines, generate new wearers, encourage beginners and spread awareness to everyone.

It has never been easy preparing but for the love of babywearing, the camaraderie and love were felt from individuals and groups unexpectedly. Some mompreneurs from Modern Mommas PH pledge their support; from new entrepreneurs, small businesses to established ones. They committed to sponsoring because babywearing has helped them in balancing mom life and managing the business.

This event also united mom groups! Millennial Moms helped in reaching out more sponsors for the loot bags to encourage attendees to join informational drive and fellowship like this celebration. Support from Babywear Because You Care PH was also there as Ms. Blanche Pennings, a certified babywearing consultant shared her knowledge in babywearing. Filipina Homebased Moms was there as well headed by Mommy MK  to help moms maximize babywearing by also working-at-home.

Media Partners pour out their support by sharing our promotional invitations and sneak peaks! Mommy Blogger Pehpot, an award-winning blogger was there to share her knowledge on blogging to help and encourage interested babywearing moms start their own. She also brought with her mom fans who could be interested to gain more knowledge in babywearing.

Hearts were united even miles apart. While organizing and promoting, some groups from other parts of the country acknowledge the efforts exerted for this celebration and inspired them to held their own celebration in their place.

Unity brings out the best for all. Thru referrals and hard work of everyone sponsors came one by one even until the night before the event. Most of them provided goods that can be given for the loots. Some supported to cover the sound and light expenses, and the rest was covered by Shadrach’s Collection.

Cooperation is a strong bond that makes many a one as a whole. But this event won’t be successful without the cooperation and dedication of our resource speakers who shared their knowledge and experience to moms to make their lives more interesting and maximized. They all agreed readily after they’re invited because they believe that a babywearing mom has so much potential and capability to achieve goals. We have topics from breastfeeding, babywearing, of course, parenting, cloth diapering, financial literacy, self-enhancement, and career opportunities. This topic is appreciated by the attendees who have their own stories of their favorite topics.

Watch how everyone enjoyed last IBW celebration from dancing while babywearing to games and raffles moms enjoyed. Along with the knowledge shared that everyone took home, babywearing demos, hacks and safety reminders to the most awaited babywearing fashion show.

Overall it was successful because babywearing has united every mom’s hearts towards achieving the goal for this event: to share babywearing awareness.


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